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Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

  1. Download the App
  2. Click on create new account
  3. Complete the requested details and submit
  4. Note: you will require either an email address or your mobile number to sign up
  5. Remember to validate your mobile number via the OTP sent to you or the validation email sent to your inbox (check your junk folder as well as spam if the email is not found in your inbox)
  6. Facebook and Google sign up options will be available soon
  1. Check that you are using the correct login method (email or Mobile number)
  2. If you are logging in using your email address, ensure that it is spelt correctly and that it has no incorrect punctuation marks in between
    • Also, double check that the spelling of your password is correct
    • Check whether you validated your email account
  3. Forgot your password (only applicable if email is the username):
    • Type in the correct username then click on forgot password
    • A password reset link will be sent to your email address
    • Click on the link and create a new password
    • Login to the service using the new password and the same username
  4. Error logging in using your mobile number:
    • Check that you have typed in the mobile number correctly
    • Check that you are typing in the OTP you received correctly
    • If you did not receive the OTP, click the resend OTP tab, check your SMS’, input the OTP in the block provided and submit
    • Note: your mobile must be active, and you must have network signal in order to receive the OTP

Subscribing to 123Kaboodle gives you unlimited access to all the App’s content, all you do is:

  • Login or Register your parent profile by selecting the Blue ICON on the right top corner of the screen from the homepage
  • Once logged in, select the settings tab on the bottom menu bar on the home screen
  • Enter your parental passcode if prompted (only applicable to parents who have signed up and set up a parental passcode)
  • Select the Subscriptions menu tab or the Join Now tab, select the subscription option you want (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and click subscribe
  • Once your payment is successful, your subscription will be activated immediately and will be valid for the period you have selected and paid for


  • Select any premium content, you will be prompted to Login or Sign Up
  • Login or Register your parent profile
  • The subscription options will be displayed for you to choose your option
  • Click the subscription tab once you are sure of your choice
  • Once your payment is successful, your subscription will be activated immediately and will be valid for the period you have selected and paid for
  • Mobile billing is currently available
  • More payment options will be available shortly
  • No, you may only have 1 subscription active on a mobile number
  • A single subscription gives 5 people access to the service. A parent and up to 4 kids can use the service under a single active subscription
  • Under settings, select the subscription menu tab
  • Select the ‘Deactivate’ button on your active subscription
  • Click the confirm tab to unsubscribe from the service (like a double opt out)
  • Your subscription will now be deactivated – you will have access to the service for the full time period you initially paid for if it has not yet expired. Example if you paid for a weekly subscription and cancel on day 2, you may still access the service for the remaining 5 days as you have paid for the period

The ‘Parental passcode’ feature enables parents to create and activate the parental passcode in order to assist the parent with restrictions to age-related content as well as watching hours and watching time.

  1. Create the Parental passcode
    • Select the Settings tab on the bottom horizontal menu bar
    • Select the Parental Passcode from the drop-down menu
    • Select to create the parental passcode
    • Type-in the parental passcode
    • Confirm the parental passcode by re-typing it
    • Select “save”
  2. How do I ‘activate’ or ‘deactivate’ the parental passcode?
    • Select the Settings tab from the bottom horizontal menu bar
    • Select the Parental Passcode menu tab.
    • Select the ‘Enable Parental Passcode’ toggle to activate or deactivate.
    • Select “back”
  3. What do I do if I forgot my Parental Passcode?
    • Select to access the Settings page or try to switch profiles.
    • Select the ‘Forgot my Parental Passcode’ option on the Parental Passcode pop-up screen.
    • The passcode will be sent to you (via email or mobile number, depending on how you registered)

Contact the support team using the support email address:

  • You might not be logged-in and your subscription cannot be validated. In order to have it validated, please login. If you are subscribed and logged in, you will be able to access all content
  • You may be logged-in but not subscribed in order to access premium content, please subscribe to a package that suites your needs
  • Your subscription might have expired without a successful renewal, please subscribe again to access the premium content
  • Create child profiles
  • Manage profiles for each child
    • Implies setting individual time limits per child
    • Editing or removing a child’s profile
    • Choosing content based on child age-group selected
    • Editing the Avatar chosen for the child
  • Watch all content on the service (All age groups)
  • Create and activate parental passcode to restrict access to Parental Settings and profile management
  • Downloaded videos are available for 30-days and can be watched without an active data connection provided that your subscription is still active and valid
  • All other content on service will require an active data connection to access the content
  • All your downloads can be found within your 123Kaboodle App account (not directly on your device)
  • Click on the library tab on the bottom horizontal menu bar
  • Click on the downloads tab and enjoy your downloads
  • All the content you have marked as your favourite will go into the favourite’s category
  • to locate it, you click on the library tab on the bottom horizontal menu bar
  • Click on the favourites tab and enjoy watching
  • Manage Profiles, tab where you can create or edit profiles
  • Subscription, tab where you will be able to subscribe to a package
  • Passcode, tab where you can set up or change your passcode
  • Language, tab where you can choose the language of your preference, once available
  • Help, tab where you will be able to get support for an issue
  • Tell a friend, tab where you can share this App with your friends
  • Terms and conditions, tab where all the rules and conditions of use can be found
  • Log out, tab where you are able to log out of your profile

Contact the support team using the support email address:

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